3 Foods Your Skin Will Love

We appreciate how important it is to have a good skin care regime with amazing products that treat your skin from the outside. But, it’s also important to remember, what we eat is also just as essential to great skin. We have put together a little list of three foods that are beneficial for amazing skin.

Let’s start with fruit & vegetables.

It’s a given, eating fresh fruit and vegetables is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But did you know there are certain produce, that will have your skin glowing and looking smooth and youthful?

Fruit like Oranges, Apples, Watermelons and Mangoes are high in antioxidants which are great if you’re after naturally glowing skin.

Antioxidants are molecules that fight free radicals in your body. Free radicals are composites that can cause harm if their levels become too high and are linked to multiple illnesses, including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Common lifestyle and environmental factors like air pollution, sun exposure, smoking, alcohol and fatty foods can promote excessive free radicals. Whilst some of these are avoidable, some aren’t and the impacts on your skin include pre-mature ageing, dry and dull skin. One of the best ways you can fight free radicals is by eating foods high in antioxidants.

There are many skin care products that include antioxidants too so you can take care of your intake from the inside and outside! We love Pure C by Cosmedix which has strong antioxidant properties promoting healthy skin and may assist with brightening the skin and increasing the skins ability to resist sun damage.

Pure C by Cosmedix

Let’s move onto protein!

Fatty Fish like salmon, mackerel and herring are high in omega-3 fatty acids important for maintaining skin health, as well as Vitamin E which is an essential antioxidant for your skin (and we know how important those are!), Last but not least, fatty fish has Zinc, a mineral which is vital for reducing inflammation, improving overall skin health and the regeneration of new skin cells.

If you’re someone, who’s skin is easily irritable and inflamed, Zinc helps reduce symptoms by regulating the amount of oil that our skin produces and is great for skin conditions like osacea, eczema and melasma.

Not a fan of fish? Other foods that have a decent amount of Zinc include nuts, red meat, wholegrains, legumes and eggs. Not a fan of those either? You can get a good dose of Zinc in skin care products like Hydra Shield with Zinc by Aspect - A fast-absorbing, lightweight moisturiser for daily use. Packed with antioxidants and botanical oils to comfort and protect all skin types.

Hydra Shield with Zinc

Treats that treat your skin!

Who doesn’t love something sweet for dessert or as a treat? It doesn’t have to be all that bad for you either! If you’re wanting some delish that will benefit your skin, then opt of dark chocolate or Greek yoghurt!

Whilst Dark Chocolate is high in Flavonoids to help protect and repair your skin from damage caused by the sun, Greek yoghurt is great way to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with it’s Vitamin B Power! Make sure to stick to non-flavoured Greek yoghurt and add your own fresh ingredients like berries and a nut mix to make it the ultimate treat.

If you aren’t able to enjoy Greek yoghurt because of intolerances to dairy, you can get your Vitamin B sweet fix from fruits like oranges, bananas and watermelon.

You can also find Vitamin B in skin care products like our fave, Extreme B 17 Serum by Aspect, a powerhouse serum formulated with B vitamins to help prevent dehydration, even out skin tone and balance excess oil. Skin appears plump and more youthful.

 Extreme B 17 Serum by Aspect

As much as we love our food, it’s important to know what’s in what we are eating not only for understanding health risks but learning how certain ingredients can benefit our body to look and feel good!

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