3 Reasons Why You Need Serums In Your Skin Care

3 Reasons Why You Need Serums In Your Skin Care

If you haven’t already got serums as part of your skin care regime, it’s time to consider it! Serums essentially have a more powerful dose of active ingredients than cleansers and moisturisers. Used in between the forementioned products, serums are designed to lock in moisture, protect and hydrate your skin.

Here are the reasons why you need serums in your skin care.

1. Quick Absorption

Because of it’s thin consistency or in a more technical sense, a thin- viscosity product, a serum will absorb quickly into your skin. Used after you have cleansed your face and before you moisturise, serums are a great way to intensify the absorption of key ingredients that you would like to use to address skin concerns.

Reduces the appearance of fatigue, fine lines and wrinkles

2. Reduces the appearance of fatigue, fine lines and wrinkles

And who wouldn’t want that?? Let’s break it down a bit more so we can understand the full benefits of using serums to fight the visible signs of ageing.

Lack of sleep can leave skin looking dull and lifeless. Applying a serum like Simply Brilliant by Cosmedix will deliver results that will eliminate dark spots and pigmentation for more evenly-toned and radiant skin thus helping you look a lot less fatigued than you feel!

Fine lines and wrinkles for some of us are inevitable. Applying serums that have key ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Antioxidants boost hydration for smoother, younger looking skin. Hyaluronic Serum by Aspect Dr is one of our best sellers. It is a hydrating serum that reduces transepidermal water loss while calming and soothing.

Fewer breakouts and treatment of problematic skin

3. Fewer breakouts and treatment of problematic skin

Yes, for those with skin prone to breakouts and acne, the thought of applying a product with a texture like serums can be very daunting. Will it make your skin even oilier? No! Will it irritate the skin even more? Also, no! Well, only if using the right serum for your skin.

Unlike traditional moisturisers, the texture of serums is very different. It’s thinner and absorbed exceptionally faster than other creams. Serums are water based and not oil based which means that pores won’t block and skin won’t breakout. For this very same reason, your skin is hydrated and won’t overproduce sebum (a naturally produced oily substance) which results in less oily skin, long term.

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