Why Skin Care is Important for Men & Tips to Keep it Simple

Why Skin Care is Important for Men & Tips to Keep it Simple

Maintaining healthy skin is just as important for men as it is for women. There, we said it and boy, do we mean it!

Some men have already found the saving grace that a good skin care regime provides. They can see past the nonsensical judgement that their mates might be passing onto them and relish in the benefits of looking and feeling good! We believe all men should have this!

So, we have put together a list of the reasons why skin care is important for men plus a few simple tips to make it easy to include in your daily routine.

1. Clean means clear.

Men, naturally have more oily glands and bigger pores than females. Cleansing keeps pores clear by removing any dirt, excess oil and any accumulation of pollutants. This helps to prevent any skin irritations like acne. Another benefit of clean skin is it’s strengthened ability to absorb other skin care products that address other concerns like ageing.

It’s so easy to include cleansing your face in your daily routine. Add that bottle of top brand cleanser like Aspect Dr Deep Clean to your shower caddy and in your bathroom cabinet, so it’s there ready for you to cleanse morning and night.

Why Skin Care is Important for Men & Tips to Keep it Simple

2. Moisturise for amazing skin.

To keep it simple, moisturiser with a thick consistency is more suited for dry skin. Normal AKA well balanced skin responds well to lotions and finally, oily skin benefits from toners and gels and in some cases, serums! Let’s really breakdown the skin types.

Dry Skin is usually defined by the feeling of tightness (especially after showering) and itchiness in the skin as well as scaling, flaking and peeling.

Oily Skin traits include your skin looking shiny and/or greasy towards the end of the day, pimples, acne and breakouts, visibly large, open pores especially around your nose, chin and forehead.

Normal, well-balanced skin show very little or no imperfections, barely visible pores, low sensitivity levels and in some cases, a radiant complexion.

Thankfully, these days there’s a product for different skin types and concerns. So, once you know what skin type you have, it’s relatively easy to pick a cleanser. For dry skin we love Ultra Light Hydration by Aspect Dr. For oily skin, Shineless by Cosmedix is an oil free moisturiser that reduces the appearance of shine, for a more matte complexion whilst firming, smoothing and brightening skin over time.

But why is moisturising so important to a man’s skin care routine? Glad you asked!

a) Proper skin function. You skin works best to protect itself and naturally produce its own moisture barrier when it’s hydrated.

b) Smooth, youthful look. Who doesn’t want that? Without moisturising, any fine lines, wrinkles and yes, sorry to say, sagging is more noticeable.

c) Better shave. What??? Yep, smooth skin makes for a smooth shave. No nicks and cuts for a man that moisturises.

3. Eyes on the prize

The prize being, glorious looking skin and feeling good in it! Whilst cleansing and moisturising is a great start, there are only about a gazillion other products that you can use in between. These products tend to focus on specific skin concerns, like ageing, redness and inflammation, breakouts, pigmentation and dull skin tones. Ok, there’s not a gazillion products, but there are quite a few and here are some of our faves, that address specific skin concerns;

Eyelift by Aspect Dr which smoothes and evens skin texture and tone alleviating darkness and puffiness around the eyes.

Purity Detox Scrub by Cosmedix which delivers a thorough and uniform exfoliation and acts as a detoxification system for the skin, removing excess impurities, cellular debris and residue.

Complete Pigment Plus by Aspect Dr which works on hyperpigmentation resulting in clearer, rejuvenated younger-looking skin

Why Skin Care is Important for Men & Tips to Keep it Simple

Now, let’s wrap this up with one of the most important skin care products that is an absolute must for all men (and women) – Sun Protection. We all know how essential protecting our skin from the sun’s UV rays is to reduce our risk of cancer and other health conditions, but did you know using sun cream daily, every day is one of the most cost effective and convenient ways to keep your skin healthy and looking good? You’re probably thinking, how the heck are we supposed to carry around a bottle of sun cream everywhere we go? Well firstly, most moisturisers include UV protection in them. If your moisturiser doesn’t have sun protection, you can always look into smaller bottles that conveniently fit just about anywhere (think the centre console or glovebox of your car) or even attach to your work or gym bag like Envirostat® 'On The Go' Spf50.

Boom. Mic Drop.

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