Q: What is the difference between the brands Aspect and Aspect Dr?

Aspect Dr has been formulated for medically affiliated clinics and Aspect for Beauty salons. The actual difference between many of the products is minimal with some of the Aspect Dr serums having a higher % of active ingredients.  Unless you have quite sensitive skin we generally recommend the Aspect Dr as you can expect to see and feel results earlier.

Q: How do I know my COSMEDIX products are Authentic?

Unfortunately, there are a number of online stores (diverted products) counterfeit COSMEDIX products (even in Australia & New Zealand), diverted products can counterfeit, diluted or old, expired formulas that may cause irritation or even infection. Bottom line: they may not be safe to use. Here are some .com.au and .co.nz sites that are unauthorised:

  • Senseonline.com.au
  • CosmeticsNow.com.au
  • SkincareDirect.com.au
  • PharmacyDirect.co.nz
  • Fragrancesandcosmetics.co.nz

More information on diverted products and unauthorised sites can be found here: