Aspect Dr

Pigmentation Kit for Oily Skin


Allow 3 - 4 Days

This Pigmentation Kit for Oily Skin helps to lighten pigmentation, age spots, freckles and melasma, while helping to prevent future pigmentation from occuring. Suitable for oily and combination skin types and containing three essential products this kit will help to brighten and hydrate your skin while reducing pigmentation and excess oil.

Cosmedix Purity Clean - A balanced cleanser for normal, combination and oily skins, which soothes, revitalises and purifies with botanical ingredients to keep skin healthy and glowing.

Aspect Dr Complete Pigment Plus Serum - Aspect Dr Complete Pigment Plus Serum is a new and improved formula that combines Tranexamic Acid and Tyrostat-11™ to help minimise pigmentation and unveil a more even, radiant-looking complexion.

Cosmedix Shineless Oil Free Moisturiser - A lightweight oil-free moisturiser for oily and acne-prone skin which provides long lasting hydration and a matte finish. Its key ingredients work to help firm, smooth and brighten the appearance of skin over time.

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