Supreme Jeunesse Les Mains 50ml

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Hands are exposed to much more daily aggression than faces, and really deserve special attention. They can be key beauty attributes, and need to be pampered all year long!

Reach for this anti-ageing, sophisticated, melt-in cream at any time of the day, to provide the hands with the moisture and nutrition they need. Targets wrinkles and dark spots that can appear with age.

Skin type

  • Aging skin
  • Dark spots


  • Sublimate hands and nails
  • A real technological feat, to compensate for overworked natural defences
  • Cutting-edge formula to fight effectively against the signs of ageing: wrinkles, slackening skin, dark spots, dull complexion and dehydration

How to use

Apply daily to the hands and nails, as often as necessary.


Extracts of Magnolia and White orchid & Carcinine (Patented), HMW Hyaluronic acid & Crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid (patented) & Brown algae extract, Derived Vitamin C, Wakame Extract, Green Pea Extract (Patented).

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